I Saw Buildings in Istanbul on Islands Surrounded by Water in the City!

I got to see one of the most amazing buildings I have ever seen. It was in Istanbul, Turkey. It is a large apartment complex. Over there they call them apartments, but the residents actually own them. The complex I saw has several large towers filled with apartments. Then there is this giant swimming pool that surrounds other buildings. You access them by going over a bridge to a structure that is out in the middle of the water. Then you go over another bridge to the central island that has the buildings. This introduction to property investment in Turkey was a real eye opening event for me. I had no idea you could have this kind of luxury living in an apartment in Turkey.

The water feature is so large that there are several island structures for you to access. The outer ring is filled with trees and a paved walking area that is really wide. You can find your own secluded spot in the middle of an urban environment. Can you imagine living on an island in the middle of a city? How cool is that to be surrounded by water in an urban setting. It is like being able to own your own tropical paradise within a major city. I have never seen anything like it before. The designers of this property have gone out of their way to make these apartments highly desirable.

Plus, you can choose smaller apartments or ones with several bedrooms. There is a mix of what is available to allow them to be affordable to different income levels. This is important as you are required to buy your place to live with cash. That is another unique thing to property investment in Turkey. I am not sure if people can secure a loan against their property to get the cash, but there is no builder financing.