We Are Finally Living Our Dreams

I started looking at real estate in Turkey when I realized that we were going to be living in the city for a long time, according to the new contract my husband had just signed at his work. That was good news for all of us, because we had been wanting that stability for a long time. It is my husband and I, and then we have our three young children as well. They are the main reason why we wanted to have stability, because I did not want them having several schools under their belts before they even hit their teen years.

When I found out that we were here to stay, I went online and started looking at different apartments and villas. I was not sure which one I wanted, and I knew that I would spot the one that was meant to be ours immediately. I just had to take the time and go through all of the listings on the real estate website that I had looked at. I was very happy that there were so many choices, because that meant I did not have to settle for something.

That is how we ended up purchasing the villa that we now call home. We had our choice of villas in the same area, and we could have either one that faces the city or one that faces the sea. Though the sea facing villa cost more, it is the one we all wanted. The view is simply gorgeous, and one of my favorite times is when my husband and I sit on our balcony and just soak it all in. The kids are in a great school now, and they love having a yard that they can actually play in. It is nice to finally live our dreams like this!