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Making Your Dog Look Great through Grooming

Grooming a dog is a very vital aspect of raising a dog. This is on top of ensuring that the dog gets a healthy diet and ample time for exercising. Well groomed and fed dogs are not only healthy but also good looking. The attractiveness of a dog gives the owner great satisfaction. To many people however grooming is done after very long time spells. It is not advisable to follow this trend. Grooming of a dog should be done regularly and in small bits.

How should one groom a dog? Well, the first one is brushing of the dog. Dogs have coats that should be brushed on a regular basis. However, this brushing should be done in time intervals that correlate to the size of coat of the dog. Short coated dogs can be brushed weekly. You can use rubber brushes and bristle ones on short coated dogs. Long coats however require more specialized attention regularly. Tangling is common on long coats hence one should use slicker brushes on them.

Brushing is the ideal time for checking for tick infestation on the dog’s coat. Invest in an appropriate tick prevention method in case you find them present on the coat of your dog. The last thing is an emphasis on ensuring that tails and feet are not forgotten during brushing. Feet and tails are places where ticks would easily be found. Ensure ticks are eradicated by using appropriate tick prevention for dogs methods.

A dog should be bathed regularly. The frequency of bathing a dog depends on factors such as weather conditions and activities that the dog is involved in. It begins with using brushes to brush the coat then using lukewarm water for bathing. Irritation of the skin should be minimized by using dog shampoo. During this time, the dog can be distracted by using bath toys. Rinse the dog well after bath to avoid irritation. The use of low heat blow dryers for drying the dog is also recommended. Check for infections in ears during the bathing stage.

Nail trimming is another grooming step that people ignore. This should ideally be done once a week or when you notice they have grown too long. The fact that dogs dislike nail cutting means that you should consider giving the dog a treat each time you cut its nails. Application of gentle force when holding the foot to cut nails is important. Ensure to cut a small part of the nail only and stop if you notice you have cut a spongy part. Accidental cuts require the use of nail cauterizers or styptic powder to stop bleeding. If these grooming tips are observed your dog will be healthier, happier and will be noticeable in public.